IMOCA OceansLab - Cleantech Accelerator / Hydrogen yacht / ©blanchet


Innovating and demonstrating clean energy technologies in the world’s most extreme ocean races, engaging the public and accelerating the uptake of renewables towards a clean maritime future.

Ocean racing is about pushing human and technological boundaries in a race to win, but there is a much greater race at stake; a race to control climate change and safeguard our oceans.

Phil Sharp, Skipper and Team Principal
Hydrogen IMOCA OceansLab - Cleantech Accelerator_Clean Energy System


Our three pillars to accelerate the clean power transition

Showcasing a practical zero emissions energy system powered by green hydrogen



To accelerate the uptake of high performance clean innovations through the world’s most extreme ocean races

  • Self-Awareness and Self-Management – The root to success
  • Resilience – Recovering from adversity
  • Adaptability – Agile response to change
  • Leadership – Uniting through team decision making
  • Sustainable Innovation – Accelerating positive change


Winning Multiple Championships
Breaking World Records
100% Performance
0% Emissions

“The OceansLab – Race to Zero Emissions campaign enabled Edilians to partner with an winning ocean racing team uniquely focussed on the environment. At Edilians we endeavour to develop sustainable roofing solutions to benefit our clients and our planet, drawing strong parallels with OceansLab clean energy innovations achieved through passion, collaboration and determination.

“As a partner of the project we were able to develop many success stories through the ocean races and innovations, which improved workforce pride and excitement amongst our teams. What’s more, VIP sailing enabled us to develop client relations through unique long-lasting memories.

“Supporting Phil Sharp, his outstanding accolades, the Lab’s innovations and the team’s commitment to advancing renewable energy on the ocean has been inspirational to all involved and we are very proud to have been part of this journey.”

EdiliansPierre Jonnard, President of Edilians Group, Jan 2020