Applying the power of sport to amplify the message of ocean health

OceansLab is an offshore sailing team innovating and showcasing critical renewable energy technologies for a clean maritime industry today.

Scalable renewable energy solutions to replace fossil fuel power on the ocean

Through the world’s toughest offshore events the performance and durability of renewables

The importance of reducing emissions on the ocean and the solutions we can embrace today

Maritime Pollution

Air pollution from the maritime sector is currently responsible for adverse global effects on climate, human health, and marine ecosystems.

Over 90% of our goods are transported across the world’s oceans by more than 90,000 vessels

Recent progress has been made by the International Maritime Organisation with commitment to reducing emissions:
  • Total annual GHG emissions by at least 50% by 2050
  • From 2020 a 77% drop in overall SOx emissions from ships

To meet this target, most new ships built from 2030 will have to be Zero Emissions Vessels (ZEVs)

Hydrogen and fuel cell technology will play an essential role for ZEVs, enabling large scale storage of renewable energy, distribution and on board power generation

But it’s not enough… The IPCC Report has identified a need to keep global warming to 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels and achieve net-zero by 2050.


Stepping up from a winning Class 40 project to IMOCA 60, the F1 Class of ocean racing


IMOCA 60 Facts

  • World’s fastest offshore monohulls

  • Cutting-edge hydro-foils

  • Round-world & transatlantic Championship

  • 60 foot long, top speed of 75 km/h

OceansLab Innovations

  • Fuel cell

  • Hydrogen

  • Solar PV

  • Hydrogenerator


OceansLab aims to compete at the forefront of ocean racing with a zero emissions entry in a major round-the-world race

The Ocean Race

Fully-crewed │ Around the world │ 8 stopovers │ 45,000 miles

2021 – 2022

2.5m race village visitors

3,906 TV hours

110,150 corporate guests

The Ocean Race

Vendée Globe

Solo │ Around the world │ Non-stop │ 25,000 miles

2024 – 2025

2.3m race village visitors

1,274 TV hours

71m videos viewed

Vendée Globe


The latest in sustainable racing


Stay up to date for the latest in offshore results and clean technology innovations

Prototyping Clean Innovations

Breaking human and technological boundaries

A test-bed to advance cutting-edge renewable technologies

  • Ultra-low weight solar PV with non-slip coatings

  • Advanced hydrogen-electric powertrain to replace diesel generators

  • Innovative portable hydrogen refueller

  • Prototyping of advanced lithium battery technology

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2016 – 2018 Class 40 renewable energy innovations. Winning two World Championships on zero emissions.

“Ocean Racing is about pushing human and technological boundaries in a race to win, but there is a much greater race at stake; a race to clean and protect our oceans”.

Phil Sharp, Skipper │ CTO

“Sharp’s reaction to the mainsail crisis, which would have undoubtedly aborted the race of lesser skipper, encapsulates his conduct throughout the entirety of the race: courageous, innovative, relentless.”

The Telegraph, June 2016

“His results to date have earned him a place in the premier league, one of the most respected sailors on the circuit as well as one of the kings of the Class 40. So for Sharp the next step is obvious: the Vendée Globe.”

Seahorse Magazine, January 2019

“No matter what it takes to succeed he will be able to deliver. And it’s not just sheer will and talent, skills and preparedness that make the difference. Phil Sharp also airs this positivity and seemingly endless energy only true champions have. He is the one you can always count on.”

Yacht LogoChief Editor of Yacht, 2019

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