Marine Innovations Accelerator

Developing a zero carbon energy system


OceansLab are integrating important technologies required to decarbonise the maritime sector. The Lab is mid-development of an advanced fuel cell and renewable hydrogen system that is highly scalable to accelerate uptake of fuel cells and zero-carbon fuel solutions.

Why hydrogen?

The OceansLab energy system embraces the power of the hydrogen cycle, vital in decarbonising maritime transport

Enables high capacity storage of renewable energy through electrolysis of water

High energy density: 1kg of hydrogen has the energy equivalent to 3 kg of diesel

No greenhouse gas emissions: only water is released as a by-product

The hydrogen cycle

Solar PV

The Lab is prototyping a performance monitoring system and an applied coating to provide a safe, non-slip and durable solution, whilst maximising on light efficiency

  • Active power monitoring of multiple modules
  • Daily solar energy absorption
  • Module efficiency and functionality
  • Improve safety and confidence
  • Enhanced low-light performance
  • Low weight

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