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Le Havre-Jacques Vabre, the strength of two

The rule of two has been a constant on this race. Two sailors, two ports, a biannual race and above all two major partners who have beaten the path to defend the fundamental human, sporting and environmental principles that the race is based on.

Since the first edition in 1993, Jacques Vabre created and named the race. They have set out to show case some of the most beautiful coffee production sites in the world in countries such as Columbia, Brazil and Costa Rica. They have been active conservationists since 2003 and puts forward new coffee providing destinations based on a model of sustainable development.

Le Havre, a Norman town founded in 1517 by Francis I, confirmed its maritime vocation in 1643 when the Compagnie de l’Orient set up shop there to develop trade with the Americas (cotton, coffee, sugar, tobacco, etc.). Le Havre is still the leading French port for foreign trade and the fifth northern European port with more than 87 million tons of goods in 2016. Over the years, the City of Le Havre has forged strong ties with sailors, developed infrastructures around the old docks of the commercial port and continually strives to be a leading maritime city.

The origins of the Transat Jacques Vabre are based on historical maritime Atlantic routes: the latest of these tie in with the economic growth between the American and European continents and the first Transat Jacques Vabre which would link Le Havre to Cartagena (Colombia) being the centre of the coffee routes. Jacques Vabre and the town of Le Havre celebrate this maritime route like the Tea Tour (from Hong Kong to London) or the Gold Route (from New York to San Francisco).

This commercial coffee route’s humble origins started in 1728 when just 80 pounds of coffee grain was offloaded in the port of Le Havre…

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